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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Acknowledged Referring Sites

By the time a visitor comes to this Blog, chances are they came from somewhere else. The site that they come from, therefore, is called a "referring site". We can certainly view a simple report in Blogger Dashboard. The Statistics in this report displays which domains or sometimes an IP address (and pages in those domains) are referring traffic to my Blog, how much traffic they're referring, which landing pages are the most popular referral destinations, and the extent to which those referred visitors interact with my Blog. And because of that Traffic they are giving, we are returning that favor by thanking them by including there URLs to be part of this fast growing List. This is also a result of SEO innovation being done to optimize my site ranking. It may not be that high for now but I am working on it:


Woow, so many list. Actually I also must say thank you for my traffic referrers, but i am still lazy to make the list.:)

Add this url please

Thank you very much for adding my site. It means a lot to me. I have seen the comments you left on my blog and my blogger account, and I must say thank you for spending your time to look at it. As for your site I like it a lot. It's very easy to read the content. The layout is simple, which means no disturbances while reading. Keep up with the good work!

i just got load of information by reading this and many idea's to check this of web development online thanks for sharing..

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